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What We Do...

1:1 Community Enabling Support and Home Help

1:1 support to children aged 5 yrs+ who experience Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and/or Speech, Language and Communication Needs and other related needs.

Support can be on a regular basis (same day and time each week) or as and when you need it (this will depend on individual support workers availability).

This is often referend to by local authorties as a 'personal assistant'. 

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Our 3 week summer club consists of arts and crafts and sensory play, as well as performing arts and music, experimenting with sounds and encouraging imaginary play.

The club provides valuable socialisation and respite care for parents and carers. 

Sign Supported English/ Sign Language

In our experience we have seen many benefits to using Sign Supported English, particularly in children's comprehension. Because of this we are offering Sign Supported English training and implementation support to children and families. 

Contact us for information or advice on our Sign Supported English training and support.

When it comes to communicating with children with SEND, learning disabilities and SLCN, there are a few different techniques.

One of our main techniques for communicating is the use of Sign Supported English, which is a combination of British Sign Language and spoken English. It differs from Makaton by the variations in individual signs and the amount of signs used while communicating. 

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